Dose Strengths


Desunin 4000IU tablets are caplet shaped, measuring 16mm in length1.

The tablets are packed in boxes of 70, and are licensed for correction of vitamin D deficiency. These tablets can be crushed and taken with food or liquids1.

The maximum recommended daily dose according to the European Food Safety Authority is 4000IU per day2.  One tablet taken daily for 10 weeks provides a loading dose of 280,000IU, a dosing strategy recommended by the National Osteoporosis Society3.

The list price of this treatment pack is £15.904.


Tablets containing 800IU vitamin D are available in boxes of 30 and 90. 

The 90s pack has been priced at a favourable discount of 6% compared with the cost of 3 x 30s packs.

These tablets are very small, measuring only 7mm in diameter, can be crushed and taken with food or liquids.

The maximum daily dose should not exceed 5 tablets (4000IU).


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